Fans & Excitement Drive Early Concert Ticket Sales

Josh Turner Concert is HOT!

Debbie purchased 11 tickets for friends and families. Cora’s mom surprised her with tickets for some girl time for the two of them. And Amanda Hovila and her father, Mike, are going to the Josh Turner concert as part of a daddy-daughter tradition of summer country music concerts.

Early ticket sales are heating up. And fans are happy to share what they love about this year’s main event, Josh Turner.

“There’s not one of his songs that I don’t like,” Amanda Hovila said.

After growing up as an 80s-music baby, Amanda fell in love with country in her teens. And one of Josh Turner’s song “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” is embedded in her childhood memories and part of the reason she’s such a country music fan today. “Your Man” is another favorite of hers.

Hovila will attend the concert with her father, Mike Hovila. It is a tradition of that dates back years—the two have been attending the NWMT Fair concerts together since 2003.

The pair is looking forward to hearing Turner sing, because nothing compares to Turner’s voice. Hosila remembers being obsessed with his low, low vocal range. Mike Hovila remembers his surprise the first time he heard Turner sing.

“You don’t expect that kind of sound to come out of his mouth,” Mike explained.

For Mike, last year’s Dustin Lynch was one of the best shows he’s attended anywhere. Considering that Hovila has attended over a hundred country music concerts—from the likes of Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and other top names. Both Hovila’s agree that the elbow room at the venue means space to dance, not all venues have a spot to dance.

It’s a compliment that underlines the awesomeness of the NWMT concert venue.

As a music lover, he appreciates that at the NWMT Fair acts perform a longer roster of their songs, versus the shorter song sets that some concerts offer.

“As headliners here, it’s their show. They can do 20 or more songs here.” Hovila noted.

That this top level of quality entertainment is right here in their home town makes it all the better.

“We love it! You wouldn’t think big name people would be here, in this small town,” Hovila said.

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